NYC food


Here are some random photos of the food I ate in NYC. Not the most glamorous of food, but totally comfort food all the way!

Fatty tomato and cheese toastie

NYC Pizza!
Soup and Salad combo at a lunch I was taken to by NYU


Steak and Fries from Les Halles
I Love Snapple!

I love how you can order a half grapefruit at a diner for breakfast.

Greek Food. I miss it so much in Japan!

Delicious beer

Amazing Mac n Cheese at a New Orleans restaurant.

Different Bagel toppings!

Everything Bagel with Scallion Cream Cheese

The cereal options in the supermarket. Diabetes aisle.

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  1. I'm not sure if my comment went through... so, here it is again!

    I love that a trip to the US is still exciting for you! The cereal aisle is, in fact, the diabetes aisle... but it's so good. Funny how we get used to see that all of the time.

    Hope you had fun!