Snorkelling at Maeda Cape


Recently the stars aligned (perfect weather, no work, child free) and I got to have my first snorkelling experience in Okinawa.

Randomly we headed out to Maeda Cape, only about 10 minutes drive from our house to see whether we could hire some snorkelling gear and get in the water. We ended up at Take Dive, the nearest dive shop near the Cape, and they were fantastic. The owners were so friendly and spoke great English. Since we were a group of 5, and 2 of us wanted to dive, we were all taken out on a boat to the cape. 
I had heard that it was the most popular place for snorkelling and diving in Okinawa, but was so much more impressed than I was expecting. The colour of the water was crystal blue and when I put my mask into the water, I was blown away by the fish I saw! So many tropical fish in amazing rainbow colours!
I want to go back every weekend. We also went inside the famous blue cave, and the water was an incredible colour.

I've heard that during the summer and busy holiday season Maeda Cape is like "people soup", but I would definitely recommend people to go at this time of year.
Not too crowded

Maeda Cape

I'm now planning on getting my own snorkel gear so I can explore more of the Islands here.
Amazingly clear water
I will follow with some of the underwater photos soon.

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