New York City!


Since Monday I have been in New York City for work and it's a pretty freaking amazing city.

It's my first time to NYC and my first time to the US and although the purpose of this trip is work related, i've managed to have bits of time to spend on other things.

I met with the lovely lovely staff at NYU yesterday for the day and afterwards I got to meet up with my best friend Kristy who now lives over here with her husband. It was awesome!

I've been trying to get out and about to see some things with any free time I have, as well as trying to get past the horrible jetlag i've had. It's been hardcore! Today I ate "Soup Nazi" soup, chicken gumbo, and it was delicious! This afternoon I had Mac n Joe (sloppy joe and mac n cheese together) at Schnippers! Mmmm!

If you have any recommendations on what I should see/do with the limited time I have left tomorrow, let me know!
View from the Marriott rotating bar
Channelling Liz Lemon

Sunset over Manhatten
M&M world

Soup Nazi

more 30 Rock

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  1. Ah, man! I'm so sad that I'm just reading this. I lived in NYC for 3 years and could have given you some great food ideas. I hope you had a great trip!