Winter in Okinawa


Over the weekend Okinawa really got on board with winter. It was miserable and rainy the whole time, and the wind sounded worse than some of the typhoons we had last year. The most exciting thing though was the fact that it was actually sleeting yesterday and Okinawa recorded the lowest ever ever recorded temperature in history! Craziness.

Blowing a gale
Yesterday I had to force myself out of the house to walk the dog. I was super rugged up and expected to hate every minute of it, however I kept to the back streets in my neighbourhood in the hopes of avoiding the worst of the wind, and I actually got to take some cute photos as well as spotting my first cherry blossom of the season!

So many pot plants

Nakadomari Onna-son
I remember my grandma and mum used to have these flowers when I was growing up. I liked how they were growing all over this roof.

Nakadomari Onna-son
Colour on a very gloomy dog walk

Spotted my first cherry blossom of the season

Entrance to a house in my neiaghbourhood
We only made on other short trip out for the day to the market for fresh vegetables as well as Green Leaf in Yomitan for a coffee and a snack and to stock up on some other groceries. The rest of the day was spent either rugged up under a blanket on the couch or rugged up under a blanket in bed reading and watching things. It looks like this burst of winter weather will be short-lived though, as it's due to warm up from tomorrow onwards, hopefully enough to get me out of the house for some real cherry blossom viewing up in Nago next weekend! I can't wait!

Onna Market
All ready for sakura season at Onna no eki.

Green Leaf Cafe Yomitan
Vegan tuna bagel from Green Leaf cafe was delicious!

Keeping warm in bed.

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  1. I thought winters in Okinawa were pretty mild. It sounds quite miserable from the way you put it! But cherry blossoms sounds exciting. It's the mark of the end of winter!

    1. When I first moved here I thought they would be much milder, but no. This is my second winter here and both have been windy, rainy and pretty miserable, weather wise. That's ok though cause they don't last long!

  2. This winter has sucked so bad! We also don't have heating in our house (they only turn it on when we get so many days in a row below a certain temperature) which hasn't been pleasant, bring on the humidity and sun I say! (your nails in the last pic are cute!)

  3. Wow poor weather in the winter as it sounds ! But your picture are really georgous.
    You make me want to visit Japan sooooo badly !:)

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kenza from

    1. You should definitely try and visit Japan. I will never get sick of exploring this country!