Australia for the Holidays - Melbourne Part 2


I really loved our time in Melbourne because it was so relaxing. We got up on our third morning there and went to the zoo to meet up with little G and his dad. G LOVES the butterfly house at Melbourne Zoo, which is where we headed straight for. He was so desperate for a butterfly to land on him and it was hard to get him to leave. After the zoo, G went back home with his dad, and H and I headed back into the city to do some more shopping before going out to Lygon Street for some more tasty food. First we went to Milk the Cow, a cheese and wine bar for, you guessed it - Cheese and wine! After that we went over the road to DOC for a pasta dinner.

Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne Zoo
Carlton Gardens Melbourne
Carlton Gardens

Milk the Cow carlton
Milk the Cow wine and cheese followed by DOC Espresso for dinner
The next morning we checked out of our hotel and headed to our old house in Brunswick East to stay. When we moved to Okinawa, our friends took over our lease and are living there now. I miss that house so much, and it was lovely to be hanging out there again. It still feels like home. Our first night there H and I made dinner for some friends. We made our vegan lasagne with cauliflower bechamel, which is a recent invention of ours. I really should do a post on the lasagne all on it's own! It was so great to be able to go grocery shopping in an Australian supermarket again! I miss the foods. Especially the feta cheese.

The next day we had to run some errands in the morning before meeting up with Jazz and Ty at the Cornish Arms in Brunswick for amazing vegan foods. H and I shared the vegan double down. Which is a vegan take on that KFC monstrosity from a few years ago. Basically it was vegan cheese and vegan bacon sandwiched between two fried vegan chicken patties. It was honestly amazing, and so close to the real thing it was crazy. The vegan bacon was freakily real. Check it out in the pictures below. 

Hanging at our old house. I miss this place
EC - Ewok Cat

Pet shop kitties

Brunswick street art
Brunswick Street Art

Vegan food melbourne
Vegan double down at the Cornish Arms

Home cooked vegan lasagne, salad and garlic bread

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  1. So good to see you guys :)

  2. super cool that you got to visit your old house! I would also love your lasagna recipe, although cauliflower is so dang expensive here :/

    1. I know! Although we found it for cheap and really great quality at a Big Aeon in Ginowan last weekend!