Australia for the Holidays - Melbourne


I had been looking forward to the Melbourne part of our trip so much. It was the first time in what seems like forever that we would be able to have a bunch of couple time and date nights! H and my Christmas present to each other was a night at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne. After we dropped G with his dad, we headed to the hotel and got ready for our date night dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Moon Under Water. If people are looking for a romantic dinner, this is the place. They have four courses for $75 and their vegetarian menu is just as good as the meat version, which is why we have been there at least 3 times now. Dinner was great, as was the amazing Shiraz we had that was recommended by the waitress!

Moon Under Water Melbourne
Moon Under Water - clockwise from top left - baby vegetables, amazingly delicious shiraz, aged duck, snapper
The next day we checked out of the hotel and in to our next one, Punt Hill Apartments on Little Bourke and headed to one of our favourite breakfast places, DOC Espresso on Lygon St. I LOVE their caprese focaccia, which is full of amazing mozzarella. Yum! After breakfast we went into their deli next door, where they have heaps of food samples to taste. I ate some cheese as well as the most delicious salami i've ever tried!

DOC Espresso Melbourne
Breakfast at DOC - Caprese focaccia and soy flat white


DOC Cheese
All the cheese in the DOC deli

More deli goods at DOC
After some shopping on the north side we went into the city to emporium and had pho for lunch as well as shopping up a storm and buying clothes that actually fit (try shopping for pants in Japan as a normal sized non-Japanese person! Impossible!).

Pho (top one vegetarian, bottom one beef)
After a rest in our hotel we headed out for dinner and drinks (many many drinks) with some friends. We went to Lucy Liu for dinner, which was lots of tasty asian food, then went to Madame Brussels for some jugs of cocktails. After that we went to the Supper Club for more drinks. All of this lead to an atrocious hangover for me the next day. Ugh. Still, it was a fun night.

Lucy Liu Melbourne
Lucy Liu with friends

Madame Brussels

Madame Brussels Melbourne
Out of the two hotels we stayed at (The Park Hyatt and the Punt Hill Apartments), i've got to say that I really loved the Punt Hill choice for us. The Park Hyatt was lovely for a splurge, but for the price, I was expecting perfection, which it wasn't really. The Punt Hill Apartments that we stayed in the following 2 nights was fantastic. No as fancy, but HUGE room, HUGE spa, comfy beds and a great location. I would definitely stay there again and recommend it to anyone wanting a good affordable place to stay in Melbourne.

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  1. You managed to fit in so much on your Australia vacation; I am impressed! I am also loving all the eating out you did, I love all the cafes here in Okinawa but it is different from what I am used to (and love)

  2. sounds like fun! i'd love for a getaway like that from the kiddie!

  3. Whenever we go home we eat our way through too! There is so many food and restaurants I miss. .... And good wine. Shiraz is my favorite, have you found a decent one in Okinawa?

    1. Yep, we always get the Wyndhams Shiraz. It's a tasty Australian one. You can get it in the wine section at Rycom, as well as in San A.