Australia - Christmas in the country


Most years, my family celebrates Christmas Day down at my Aunt and Uncles gorgeous place in Coorabell, a tiny country town in northern New South Wales. It is one of my favourite places in the world. This year we drove down there from my mum's house on Christmas eve and stayed until boxing day (26th December). Christmas eve was spent having some drinks, snacking on cheese and dips and catching up with everyone.

Coorabell NSW
Coorabell NSW
I love these rolling green hills.

Delicious snacks


Cousins <3
Oh Christmas morning everyone was awake and waiting to open presents, except for little G! He was so tired and we couldn't bear to wake him, so we did the present opening and then G opened his when he finally woke up! We were also lucky enough to have a little wallaby come on to the property for a morning visit, which was so Australian!

Morning wallaby visitor
After a chilled out morning, we all took turns making different things in the kitchen, which meant a lunch full of heaps of different, delicious salads, cold meats, summer fruits and champagne! It rained pretty much all day, which was actually lovely and we could sit outside on the deck and watch the rain while eating. After lunch, even though it was still raining on and off, the kids got on the slip and slide and had an awesome time.
Because there were so many people staying on Christmas night, we got to sleep in a tent. G was so excited as it was his first time sleeping in a tent. It was really cute, and made me think that we really should give camping a go while we're living in Okinawa.

Christmas setting

My perfect Christmas lunch. Salads and Veuve

Slip and slide

First time sleeping in a tent

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I absolutely love that Christmas table! So pretty!
    I am so gal you all had such a fun trip and a gorgeous Christmas day! Also: you Aussie's sure know how to snack! Looks so yummy!

    1. Yeah, I LOVED the Christmas table too! I miss Australian foods so much. I just love dips and cheeses and salads. So tasty!

  2. As a child I couldn't imagine a better day. Sleeping in a tent and presents! How fun. You all should go camping on the beach here, it's really lovely.

    1. Yeah, we really want to try camping on the beach here. We keep debating about whether to invest in buying a tent or not.....
      Do you take your dogs? Where do you go?