Seaside Drive In - Okinawa


Finally back to your regular scheduled Okinawa programming.

A couple of weekends ago on a whim, we decided to go to this dinky, retro little diner down the road for breakfast before Griff's school winter concert. I've always had a soft spot for the Seaside Drive-In. The food isn't great and the decor is pretty old, but there is something about this place that I just really love. The view outside is amazing, and the food is cheap, oh, and it's open 24 hours and 5 minutes walk from my house. What's not to love? The menu has a combination of American style (I use that term loosely) diner food, and Japanese food (think pork katsu, unagi-don and teriyaki chicken bentos). They have a breakfast menu that includes omelettes and french toast, but I ordered off their normal menu and had a bacon and egg sandwich, which in my mind is breakfast food anyway. They also have these yummy little mashed potato fried balls that were pretty awesome.

Morning adventure
Happy kid

So retro

Bacon and egg sandwich, fried mashed potato things, coffee
To top off the morning, on our way home we ran into the friendliest cat in our neighbourhood who is so nice it even let our over eager 4 year old have a pat (something our own cat barely tolerates).

Friendly neighbourhood cat
If you're interested in checking out the Seaside Drive-In, you can find more information here: (Japanese)

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