Melbourne Day 5 - Friends and more tasty food


My Friday in Melbourne was the last day of the conference and it was awesome. Thanks to the wonders of Instagram, I realised that my friend Ben was in Melbourne at the same time, so we met up for an early breakfast at Cumulus Inc, which I had been to on my first morning of the trip. It was great to catch up on the past year of our lives and of course eat more tasty food. If you haven't already, you should all go out and buy Ben's awesome books, The Family Law and Gaysia ASAP. 

Ben Law - Magnificent human

Shakshuka - Baked eggs
The last day of the conference finished at midday, which meant I got to get all of my shopping that I wanted to do before meeting up with Jazzy for dinner and a gig.
We met up and first went to the Workers Club in Fitzroy for a couple of drinks before heading to dinner at Coconut Palms, my favourite cheap Vietnamese restaurant. Before dinner we stopped at my favourite bottle shop, Blackhearts and Sparrows to pick up a drink to have with dinner. There was a man there doing cider tastings, and they were so delicious he totally convinced us to get a bottle to share.
My favourite beer!

Dinner with this lovely lady

This cider was amazing

Vietnamese spring rolls

One of my all time favourite dishes - Eggplant and tofu

I can't remember what this was....
After dinner, we went to The Tote, with the intention of seeing the band we had tickets for, but when we were there we watched some of the first band then realised that we are old ladies and would rather go home, watch some Netflix and share some sparkling wine. It was awesome. What made it even more nostalgic for me was the fact that Jazzy now lives in my old house in Brunswick East, which I hadn't been in since I moved over here. It was so nice to be back in that awesome space. That house really is special. Also, I got to hang with their awesome cat.

EC - Ewok cat
Cat selfie

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