Melbourne Day 4 - Old buildings, a boat and more food.


By my Thursday in Melbourne I was exhausted. All the long days followed by late nights catching up with people had taken it's toll and I really needed a quiet night in my hotel room to Skype with my loves and sleep.

Once again, I passed on the conference provided lunch and headed to the new-ish 400 Gradi at Crown for amazing pizza. We had the Margherita pizza and a calzone that was really delicious and I can't believe I haven't tried one before. The Crown Gradi is definitely more "fancy" the the original Brunswick East version, and i've got to say I prefer the latter, but that's probably because I really don't like the Crown Casino.....

Elizabeth Street

Morning walk to the conference along the Yarra

Gradi at Crown - The calzone was the bomb. Seriously.

Another one of my favourite Australian beers
After I cancelled my plans for the night, which I still kind of regret but really needed the rest, I went across the road from my hotel to a food court Thai restaurant recommended by a friend who vouched for it's authenticity (based on the fact that he has been to Thailand a billion times). It looked dodgy but was actually delicious! Also, the proximity to my hotel was a winner for me. I was able to go home and chat to Helen and G before he went to bed. Also, speaking of my hotel, the bed in it was amazingly comfortable. And the room was HUGE! It was nice to actually get to spend a night hanging out in it.


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