Melbourne Day 3 - Food, food, more food


It seems on my Wednesday in Melbourne and the first day of the conference, I was pretty slack with my photo taking. Once again I woke up with coffee and a yummy breakfast on my mind, so I started my google search for something in the city. I stumbled across 5 & Dime Bagels which was on the way to the Convention Centre and it was awesome! Ever since I was in New York City earlier in the year and had my first taste of an everything bagel, I have wanted another one. I was super happy to find everything bagels here.

5 and Dime Bagels
Everything bagel with tuna melt

Soy flat white

Yarra River

My conference provided a pretty decent lunch every day, but I couldn't bear wasting a meal opportunity, so instead I searched for one of my all time favourite foods, pho, near the conference venue, and as luck would have it, there was a place 5 minutes walk away! It wasn't the most amazing pho i've ever had, but it was still good and satisfied the craving.

That night I met up with some of my old work friends from University of Melbourne at Breizoz creperie, which one of said colleagues now owns. Somehow, the only photo I took was of my giant mug of cider, not the crepes and not the friends. Doh!
French Cider

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