Halloween in Okinawa


So this past weekend was Halloween. It's not a holiday i've ever really celebrated in Australia because i'm not really into costumes (I know, i know), and it's not a huge holiday in Australia like it is in the US. This year we ummed and aahed about Griff trick or treating. In the past he has been really not into dressing up, so I assumed he wouldn't want to do it, however when I asked him last week if he was interested in dressing up and going trick or treating with his buddy, he straight away told me "I want to be a puppy". Easy! The challenge then was to find a puppy costume at the last minute. Luckily I only had to go to a couple of places before I found a snoopy costume. Part of me was a little sad that I couldn't get the Totoro costume though, cause it's just so Japanese and so cute!

Our puppy

Left to right: Rooster, chicken, astronaut and puppy

There was a kids and adult version of totoro.

Toys r us

Jibanyan from Yokai Watch
On Friday, G's school had a barnyard dance, which was a costume party, so we actually got two wears out of his costume in 2 days. It was so adorable. All the kids did the chicken dance, then the hokey pokey and one more dance that I can't remember. It was so so cute! Then we all sat down and had a bento lunch with the kids before going back to work.

The Barnyard dance
Saturday night, the faculty houses at my work campus hosted trick or treating for all the kids of staff at the University. It was really nice. There were a heap of people there, and we were given a map with the houses that were taking part so we knew where we could knock. Griff met up with his little buddy and they were super excited little 4 year olds collecting candy. Griff got sooooo much stuff, way too much for a four year old, so we stealthily reduced the amount in his bag before we got home so there wasn't nearly as much. He didn't even notice and was super happy with his haul.

Trick or treating

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  1. Halloween in Japan is awesome! I love all of the costumes. This year, I wore an adult bear onesie around the house just because it was Halloween and I could! lol