Ukishima Garden Naha - Vegan Restaurant


While we were in Naha for our little stay-cation I did a bit of research on where we would go out for dinner when we arrived. We decided to try Ukishima Garden, which is vegan and had an amazing looking menu. Let's just say that it exceeded expectations and we went back for lunch the next day, and will definitely be back in the future!

At night, the atmosphere is lovely and a bit romantic, so would be great for a date night. We ordered our drinks (their wines are organic and delicious) and looked at the menu to decide what to eat. We ordered the vegan caprese salad, which was just like your typical tomato, basil and mozzarella salad, except instead of the cheese, it was tofu. I was a little apprehensive about how this was going to taste, but actually the tofu tasted AMAZING and if I closed my eyes I would be fooled into thinking it was mozzarella. It was the highlight dish of the night. We also ordered a vegan carbonara pasta, vegan tsukune meatballs, and some miso onigiri (for the little guy). G actually loved the tsukune meatballs, so I barely got a taste of those. Everything was delicious and even non-vegans would love this place. I was so excited about the food that the only photo I got was of the caprese salad! oops!


Lovely and much needed organic booze

They have a cute little section of things you can buy

I love bubbles!

Vegan Caprese Salad - Tofu, Basil and Tomato
The next day after wandering around Kokusai dori, we were looking for somewhere to lunch, and it happened that we were right near Ukishima Garden again, so we didn't hesitate to go back again. The lunch menu is completely different to the dinner menu. We shared the vegetable curry and the creamy vegetable soup, both delicious. If I had to choose between lunch and dinner, I would choose dinner, but both were delicious. We sat outside for lunch, which was great because it meant G could have a little explore in their garden and we didn't have to worry about him being a bit noisy. 

If you are curious about their menu, you can find both the lunch and dinner menu's on their website. If you're ever in Naha, it's worth making an effort to try this place. 

This guy was perfect all weekend

Gorgeous outdoor seating
Creamy vegetable soup

Veggie curry

This palm was huge!

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  1. This looks so chill. Simple yet elegant!

  2. everything sounds delicious! I am not vegan but I do really love vegan food! That curry looks so good!

    1. Yeah, some of it you would never know was vegan. The lunch food was good, but the dinner was outstanding! Definitely worth a trip there.

  3. That vegetable soup looks incredible. I prefer my bread with a side of soup for dunking ;) ;)

  4. It all looks so good and this could definitely be a vegan place I would try (I'm not huge on veggies so that says a lot!).

  5. Every time I'm down there I end up driving around trying to find somewhere to eat- I will definitely add this to my list!

  6. Also... what were you talking about when you said you don't have good photos! I was confused last night and am even more confused now!