Life lately- November


I can't believe that we're already over halfway through November and that in two months I will have been in Okinawa for a year already! Time really has flown. We haven't been up to too much recently. The weather has finally started to cool down and there is a chill in the air at night, and the humidity seems to finally be on its way out. Our weekends have involved shopping, tidying and relaxing, with a few play dates thrown in for good measure. 

In good news, I FINALLY got my Japanese drivers licence! It's such a huge relief as I feel like my life has been a bit of a Japanese administrative nightmare recently, and this was my third visit to try to exchange my licence, which I need to do before my international drivers licence expires at the start of January. Basically, as someone with an Australian licence, I don't need to go through any driving tests and can just exchange my licence (sound easy right? - WRONG), but the licence centre needed so much particular information to prove that I had in fact stayed in Australia for more than 90 days since receiving my licence (seems easy right? - WRONG again). Anyway, i'm just so relieved to finally have jumped that hurdle.

In other good news, next week I will be in Australia for a conference! Ever since I found out I would be going I have been planning catch ups with friends, and thinking about all the amazing food I am going to eat that I have been missing these past 10 months. And the exciting thing is that we will all be back in Melbourne again over the Christmas for almost 2 weeks. Lots of Australia in the next couple of months.

Sumo on TV is the best.
Lazy cat

Ollie got a haircut!

Taco salad - Basically we replace the actual taco with salad and it is delicious, and still has a crunch factor. Healthy and delicious!

I learned how to make origami shuriken

rainy day
Beach weather!
Beach pup
Delicious peach booze
Cafe Doka Doka with it's gorgeous view

Finally! I got my drivers licence in Japan!

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  1. glad you got your license sorted, since we have SOFA status its pretty easy for us to drive here...we had to sit a 20 question test and once you pass you get paper license, however it is only good for as long as your country license is valid. My NZ one expired April 2016, eek, I managed to get it extended for 1 year but thats the maximum they will do from overseas. So that gives me until April 2017 and I need it until at least Sept 2017, eek! I will worry about that when it gets closer! time really does fly on this island, we have been here just over 2 years and I am already feeling like this 3rd year is getting away from me!

    1. All I can say is, if you have to go down the route of getting the Japanese licence because your NZ one will expire and you can't have the SOFA licence without your NZ one, then you will need to transfer the NZ one. Start preparing a few months in advance so you get all the correct documents. I know a few NZers at my work who I can get info from for you!

  2. Amazing post! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)

  3. I’ve started to think that Japanese government/council office staff enjoys making simple things really quite difficult, so I can imagine that getting your driving licence sorted must have been a nightmare.

    PS. I love your origami shuriken!

    1. I know! And what I find so annoying is that they are happy to let me drive around for a year on an international drivers permit, but when it comes to letting me use a Japanese one, the process was so strict and complicated! So happy it's finished!