Naha Stay-cation part 2


After our night and morning in at the Hyatt Regency Naha, we headed out to explore the town. Firstly, we wanted to treat our child for being such an amazingly behaved child at our late night dinner, so we took him for a ride on the monorail. Anyone who knows G, knows that he loves all forms of transport. He was pretty damn happy to get to ride on a new form of transport. 

After the monorail, we hopped off at Kencho-mae station next to the Ryubo shopping mall. We had a look around at all the lovely expensive things there as well as Muji then headed out to wander up Kokusai-dori. Kokusai-dori is the main street in Naha, where there are a heap of shops and restaurants. I'd say 80% of the shops are souvenir places, so we didn't really look in any of them, but it was nice to just wander. 

Eventually we were hungry for lunch, and decided to go back to Ukishima Garden again because it was so amazing the night before, we wanted to try their lunch menu. I will be doing a separate post about this restaurant in a couple of days because it was just so good. 

We spent the rest of our time in Naha wandering the shops and alleyways until we were all exhausted and made the drive back home. Now having finally spent some time in Naha, we will definitely be back again for some more getaways, when we need some time away from our sleepy village.

So many shops packed with souvenirs
Tropical fruits

Kokusai Dori

Walking to the monorail station

Pretty building

Waiting for the monrail

This guy was pretty excited to tick another mode of transport off the list.
Don't catch your fingers in the door!

More souvenirs

spotted in an alleyway
One of the many covered side alleys

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  1. Do you like Hi Chews? If so, throughout your adventures you should look for all of the different flavors! It was a go-to purchase on Kokusai Street for me!

    1. I'm not big on candies, but I will definitely take some back for friends!

  2. I have been wanting to take the girls on the monorail for the longest time! When Matt is away for work next year I think we will definitely do it. I am excited to read about the restaurant!

    1. Yeah, Griff absolutely loves transport so thought it was the best!