Zhyvago coffee Chatan


A few weeks ago while I was killing some time in Chatan, I stumbled across this new cafe on the waterfront. Zhyvago coffee opened in August this year, and it really reminds me of some of the cafe's I would see back home in Australia.

It's just coffee, mad shakes (some kind of milkshakes) and some sweets in a cake cabinet, but they seem to take their coffee very seriously. 

They have seating along the bar and windows, as well as a couple of tables, so it's not huge, but really cozy and welcoming. When I visited it was really hot outside, but beautiful, so I sat in the air conditioning inside and stared out the window and the gorgeous day.

Amazing view
Lovely counter

Perfect spot for an iced coffee


Seriously, that view!

Zhyvago is open from 9am- sunset and they are located on the seafront in Mihama. You can find more information on their website http://zhyvago-okinawa.com/

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  1. Beautiful! I don't even drink coffee, but I think I'd have to stop in here to enjoy something. Mango juice was always my drink of choice...

    1. Yeah, they have non-coffee milkshakes. And I know what you mean about mango juice! yum! And I love how it's a standard choice over here pretty much everywhere.