Pets in Japan


Since being in Japan, i've realised just how limited our pet choices are in Australia. You've basically got your standard cats, dogs, rabbits (only allowed in some states), mice, rats, ferrets, some birds, fish and reptiles (like snakes, turtles and lizards). In Japan, i'm pretty sure you can get any pet you want. I'm not really sure how I feel about this though, especially the tortoises you can get over here (you know, the guys that grow super big and live to over 100!) that will basically outlive it's owner.

Anyway, G loves to check out the random animals whenever we are at the pet store getting treats for Ollie.

Squirrels are obviously not meant to be caged. These guys spend their natural lives running around, jumping up trees and exploring parks.

Weird ass frog

Hamster pile

More hamsters
I know hamsters can be had pretty much everywhere, but it's not something you can get in Australia. They are one of those pets I always knew about from American TV and movies. They're so cute!

We went through the huge complicated process of getting our cat and dog over here to Okinawa with us, and will have to go through the even more restrictive process to get them back to Australia (just thinking about the minimum 10 days quarantine for our pets makes me sad), so no hamsters or other exotic pets for us while we're here because there's no way we can take them home. 

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  1. So this is pretty amazing! We've never ventured into any stores that sell pets- squirrels?!?! That's bananas! Especially an all white one! I don't think I've ever seen an all white one!