Green Leaf Cafe Yomitan


As i've mentioned before, i've been dieting to try and get back to my "normal" weight. And by normal, I mean the weight i've been for most of my adult life up until 2 years ago, when I piled on the love weight. Anyway, the diet is working and i've almost reached my goal. Unfortunately, dieting has also meant much less frequent eating out, which is one of my favourite things to do! Luckily, this weekend we decided to finally try out the new Green Leaf cafe in Yomitan. It is joined to the Green Leaf organic grocery store and it's fantastic!

One of the main reasons we wanted to go there was because it is pet friendly. Yep, you can take your dog and sit in the lovely outdoor area. Unfortunately it was a bit windy when we went, but we still had a lovely time.

Really lovely inside

Outdoor seating

Dogs are welcome outside
They have a range of food options, from build your own salads, curry, bagels, quiche and taco rice. A lot of the food is vegan and vegetarian. 
Helen and I shared the vegetable curry and the soy meat taco rice. Both were really wholesome, tasty and healthy! Little G chose the prosciutto bagel, and pretty much just ate the bagel and cream cheese and none of the filling.
They have a great selection of organic wines and beers too, so I tried one of the organic beers, which was delish! All the beers are under ¥500 each too, which is good.

I definitely recommend making the effort to try out the Green Leaf Cafe

Vegetarian curry

Soy meat taco rice

Fresh prosciutto and quinoa bagel

Organic beer

Chocolate gateau

little visitor

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  1. all the food looks delicious! Great job on the weight loss too!

  2. Congrats on your health success! I've put on some "Okinawa love weight" since being here ;) Not taking advantage of the abundance of restaurants is so hard! Really, great job. This place looks wonderful and relaxing. If only I could take my dogs out in public LOL

  3. This sounds like my kind of cafe!

    1. Yeah! It's lovely. Japan does some great cafe's