Sunday Funday


The last couple of weekends for us have been pretty quiet. We've been been doing chores, rearranging some house stuff and hanging out watching Netflix and reading. Sunday was much of the same, although we did make it out of the house for some nice family time. The weather was perfect, so we headed to Iha park in the morning so G could run out some energy before he had to trudge through the supermarket with us.

Iha park
First time i've seen swings like this
During nap time I popped over to the beach and sat and read under a shady tree while H stayed home during G's nap. I'm loving how the humidity has really disappeared compared to summer, so being outside is actually pleasant, instead of reminiscent of sitting in an oven. I re-read Lena Dunham's Not that Kind of Girl and now for some easy trash, i'm reading Dark Places  by Gillian Flynn, which i'm flying through!

Perfect weather

Perfect water
In the afternoon we decided to take a walk/bike ride down to the market to pick up some bread and just get out of the house one last time. It was so lovely. G is getting really confident on his new bike, and H picked up a couple of tasty beverages of the alcoholic variety for us so we stopped in at the beach on the way home and had a beer, while G got right in the water for a dip. It was a nice reminder for me that we really do have it well over here. I've been missing Melbourne a lot recently, and the lifestyle we had there (occasional child-free date nights, the ability to walk to numerous amazing restaurants,bars,cafes), but it was nice to remember that we now have the opportunity to just walk over to the beach, have a drink and watch the sunset on a Sunday afternoon instead.

Taking the new bike for a spin

Afternoon dip

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