Sesoko Island, Paradise


Last weekend the weather was beautiful so we decided to pack up the car and venture to an island that we had never been to. Sesoko Island is off the Motobu peninsula, so about 1 hour north from where we live in Onna. You can reach the island by bridge, which I love because we didn't need to worry about ferry timetables.
When we first got to the Island, we drown down towards the beach under the bridge, which looked beautiful, but we decided to head over to Sesoko beach first. You have to pay 1000yen to park at Sesoko beach, which is a little pricey, but we did it anyway. When we got down to the beach there were some nice shaded areas next to the rocks to we set up in the shade then headed into the water. The swimming area is netted and you can't swim outside this area. They seem to strictly enforce it. Usually this really annoys me because although you are allowed to snorkel in the netted areas, there are never any fish. This beach, however was different! It was fantastic! There were heaps of fish, and the water was so clear you could just seem them from the surface, which is great for little kids that can't or wont put their heads under. Our little guy loved seeing all the fish from the surface, and even though he was happy to put his goggles on, he still doesn't want to put his head under.

Rocking those goggles

After Sesoko beach, we decided to head the the first beach we saw, just under the bridge. I'm so glad that we decided to stop there! It was literally what I imagine paradise to look like. The water was so so clear, like swimming in a pool! This beach isn't netted, but there were quite a few people snorkelling there, and they have a lot of water sport options (although I have no idea how much these cost). The visibility was amazing for snorkelling, and I highly recommend going to this beach on a calm day. We actually headed back here again a few days later, but the tide was higher (It was low when we went on the weekend) and it was a bit rough. Even though it was a bit rough, visibility for snorkelling was still amazing!

The clearest waters i've seen

Great visibility

So far, this is the clearest water i've found on mainland Okinawa. I can't wait to eventually get over to the Kerama Islands to see how it is there.

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  1. In a couple of days, we are going on holiday to one of the small islands of Okinawa. I am a little worried about poisonous snakes, spiders, sea urchins, octopuses, sharks - anything that can basically kill you. Is there any advice you can give?
    Thanks :)

    1. Sorry for the delay in my reply. If it helps at all, i've never seen a habu snake since i've been here and I live near lots of bush land, and I've also not heard of people sighting sharks either....
      I always wear reef shoes if i'm going to the beach though in case of sea urchins so I would definitely get some of those. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Thanks.
    We didn't see any habu or sharks, but did see some really big spiders :O I don't know if they were poisonous, but none of us got bitten so it was all good.

    PS. We loved Okinanwa - you are so lucky to live there! :)