Dominique Ansel Tokyo


When I heard there was a Dominique Ansel in Tokyo, I had to go. I wanted to go to the one in NYC when I was there earlier in the year, but ran out of time. Luckily this one was a short walk from our apartment. We turned up about 10 minutes after it opened at 8:10am and there was already a line out the door, although it wasn't too bad so we decided the wait would be worth it. I'm not really one for sweet things, so we decided to try some sweet things at the bakery downstairs, then head up to the second floor cafe for savoury things when it opened at 9.

We got coffees, the Cronut and Frozen S'more, as well as the mini madelines and a macaron for Griff. The cronut was coffee flavoured, and actually wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. The frozen s'more though was pretty damn special. I even videotaped the preparation.

The frozen S'more and the Cronut
So many goodies

When we were looking at the menu online, the savoury items appealed to me immensely. After not finishing the cronut (sacrilege I know!), we went up to the cafe and got to the good stuff! We ordered the Soho, which was avocado with creme fraiche and avocado. This was really tasty. We also ordered their Perfect Little Egg Sandwich, which was nice, but needed more salt in my opinion. I also treated myself to a glass of Moet. Luxury!

The food from the second floor. Plus bubbles.

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  1. anything with avocado in it is a win for me! looks delicious