Hokkaido Univerity


The last stop on my work trip was Sapporo, in the northern Japan island of Hokkaido. I had never been to Sapporo so was excited to get a glimpse of this city. Once again, most of my time there was work-related, but luckily this took place at the gorgeous campus of Hokkaido University. The campus really reminded me of something you would see in Australia. It was so green and lush with lovely streams and ponds to relax by. If I went back in time, I would definitely consider doing a study abroad term there.

The Pokemon plane spotted at Haneda airport before my departure to Sapporo

I loved this little stream flowing through the campus. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in snowy winter.

I love the bat in this stained glass window.

I was in Sapporo during summer, and it was about 15 degrees cooler than Okinawa, which was a really welcome change. I even spotted some red leaves, which seemed a bit too early. I would LOVE to go back during the winter to see it all covered in snow. If only it wasn't two flights and many hours away from Okinawa...

Unfortunately because my whole day was filled at the University, I didn't get to explore the city in the daytime at all, but I did manage to do a little exploring at night, which i'll talk about in my next post. Of course, it involved some Sapporo ramen and cold frosty beer!
A hint of the autumn colours in Hokkaido already!


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  1. What a fun work trip! Matt & I would love to explore Northern Japan, every picture I see of it just makes me want to buy a ticket asap!

  2. What a pretty campus! And I get what you mean by it reminding you of something you'd see in Australia. Reminded me of that uni I go to, definitely.


  3. Looks nothing- and I mean nothing- like the university I went to! Maybe it's time to go back! I feel like I would study so well surrounded by stained glass!