More snorkelling at Maeda Cape


A couple of days after I got back from my work trip, H and I decided to take a summer leave day to hang out together seeing as I pretty much missed the previous two weekends with her. We headed straight to Maeda Cape to snorkel as it's something we can't really do with the little guy in tow. The weather was beautiful and visibility was great! We may be ended up a little sunburned after it all though. Oops.

Snorkelling really took it out of us, so we decided to head to Hamazushi for 100 yen sushi goodness! It's cheap, but still one of my favourite places to go. On our way home we stopped in to Onna no Eki for obligatory date day kakigori. Mmmm.

Scroll to the bottom for some under the sea videos


Bubbles from the divers on the other side of the drop

Touch screen sushi ordering system. The best!

Best dessert ever!

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