Sapporo Ramen Republic


I'm hardcore dieting at the moment, so looking over these delicious pictures below is a little torturous, however it's nice to remember I could once upon a time eat delicious oily foods.
So on my only night and only free time in Sapporo, I headed to Ramen Republic, a ramen wonderland near JR Sapporo station. There were heaps of different ramen restaurants, and I had no idea which one was the best, so I just lined up and the one with the longest line, figuring it must be better than some of the places with no line.

I sensibly decided on a half serve of the miso ramen and a frosty beer, and I was so so glad that I did. The half serve was huge and when I saw the full-sized bowls people were getting I knew there was no way i'd be able to get through one.

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have an option to add delicious ramen eggs to my ramen, but there was a container of boiled eggs on the tables so you could basically eat as many as you liked with your ramen.

The ramen didn't disappoint. It was super garlicky, which i LOVED. The place I went to was called Shirakaba Sansou Ramen just in case you ever find yourself in Sapporo and craving a garlicky good time. You can find more information here.

I chose my restaurant based on the line.

The menu. I had a half serve of the miso ramen.

So garlicky and delicious.

These eggs were just on all the tables so you could add them to your ramen.

Ramen republic is located in this building. There was also a summer beer garden below.

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  1. I really can't imagine what people would do if there were just baskets of eggs on their tables back in the States...