2 Nights and One Busy Work Day in Tokyo


Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE Tokyo. I do. I think it's the best city in the world (apart from Melbourne). I was really happy that on my work trip I was in Tokyo for 2 nights. Although the daytime was filled with work, the night times were all mine!

One of my friends from Melbourne, who I used to do Japanese lessons with is in Japan for a few months working, so I hopped on a peak hour train to head to the fancy Roppongi area to meet him. We decided to check out a temporary beer garden, the Yona Yona Beer Garden, for some food, drinks and a catch up. It was actually a chilly night in Tokyo, which is strange for summer, and awesome. Because I had to work the next day though it was only a short night out, unlike the crazy all you can drink messiness we got into when we met up in Tokyo a couple of months earlier!  

The shinkansen to Tokyo

Peak hour on the Yamanote sen

Yona Yona Beer Garden at Ark Hills

The view from my hotel room in Shinagawa

The next day was all about work. We were due to visit the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo, but due to a scheduling mix-up we arrived an hour early. This meant we were left waiting around for an hour so I decided to use the opportunity to wander some random Tokyo backstreets. 
Random Tokyo

I <3 Japanese Maple leaves

Love Love the manhole covers in Japan

Random Tokyo Backstreet

Because i'm not from a science background, sometimes all the science talk is way over my head, however the lab tours we went on at the Institute of Medical Science were really cool. We got to see this awesome bio bank and when they were taking samples out of the super cold storage containers filled with liquid nitrogen, I couldn't help imagining that scene in Jurassic Park. You know the one.

Imagining these are dinosaur DNA samples

After the long work day I headed out for some dinner and drinks with a couple of the students. Of course we went to my favourite dodgy chain izakaya, Wara Wara! For some reason i'd been craving their Butter Corn for AGES, so finally got that. Mmm. It's basically just corn fried with butter in a pan, but it's so delicious. We also had this hald a sliced avocado with minced tuna, which was also delicious.

Butter Corn!!

Beer! Of course!
Next stop.....Hokkaido!

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  1. I gave only done Tokyo once, so I need to read up on all your Tokyo posts for tips before my next trip. I felt like I spent the entire time going back and forth across the city. None of my plans made much sense once they were in action!