Love hotels in Tokyo


During our trip to Tokyo last week, we stayed in an area called Uguisudani. It was on the Yamanote line, in our price range, easy to get to from Narita Airport and close to Ueno (which has a lot to offer when travelling with small children), so we chose an Airbnb there. What I didn't realise when choosing our accom here, was that is was basically a whole suburb of love hotels. 

Anyone who's been to Tokyo, especially Shibuya, has probably walked past a love hotel or two. They're mostly recognisable by some gaudy lights and a sign out the front indicating the pricing by the hour (rather than a simple nightly rate, like any other normal hotel), and photos of the various themed rooms they have inside. When you go into a love hotel, you can either check into a room using a machine, or often if there is a reception counter with actual human staff, their faces and yours will be separated by a screen so you can keep your anonymity.

Anyway, if you've ever walked through Love Hotel Hill in Shibuya, Uguisudani was even more packed with love hotels. Our apartment building was only one of a few I saw in the whole neighbourhood. Everything else was love hotels.

I actually found it quite entertaining, watching the couples walking out, wondering what their story was. The names of the hotels were also hilarious. Most memorable was Oriental Passage, P-Door and C Heaven. Use your imagination kids!

Love hotels in tokyo
3 love hotels

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You can find love hotels in most places in Tokyo. Look for the signs out the front with the hourly rates.
The love hotels have signs out the front showing what the rooms look like.
Love hotels

Some izakayas and love hotels

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  1. Some of them are really ridiculous. I particularly love the ones with really gaudy facades imitating castle and what not. xoxo, nano |

  2. OMG :D Makes for a funny story but I can't imagine what it must be like to actually live there and not just stay for a short stay! :D

  3. Haha, there are tonnes of these in Chile with equally funny names! But the ones are Chile are all ones that you drive to and they have hidden parking spaces etc to keep everything anonymous. I think I'd also be wondering about the stories of the couples inside!

    1. Whoa whoa Marcella, I did not know this! Hahhah where are they?!

  4. A machine receptionist, what a brilliant idea!

  5. I've heard of these before in Tokyo, but have never seen one for myself. Marcella, above, just mentioned that they're all over Chile ... I had NO idea haha .. What a weird and funny concept!

  6. I will not lie, I'm tempted to try one of these bad boys out, either in Oki or mainland! I'm just so dang curious! ☺️☺️

  7. Love hotels... Kind of been tempted to stay there for a night when we'll be in Tokyo simply because they're somehow cheaper! But they also sound so... I don't know... fun? Ha!