Ain Soph Ripple - Vegan burgers in Tokyo


Ain Soph Ripple vegan burgers in Tokyo
The entrance to Ain Soph Ripple
So as most of you know, i'm not vegan, or really even vegetarian, but I do live with a vegetarian (so eat vegetarian 95% of the time) and have many a vegetarian and vegan friend. For these reasons, and the fact that I LOVE planning holiday itineraries, I am always on the look out for the best vegan places to eat, which is how I came across Ain Soph Ripple.

This past weekend, I was in Tokyo with some vegan friends, and I wanted to give them the best Tokyo experience possible. I had heard about the Ain Soph restaurants and wanted to get to at least one of them. I decided on Ripple, because who doesn't love a good dirty burger, and these looked the business!

Ain Soph Ripple menu
The menu <3
We arrived there at around 12:15, and were lucky to grab a table (we were a group of 6), even though it's a pretty small place. The menu isn't huge, which I liked, so we decided on the cheese burger and the crispy "chicken" burger. Everything on the menu is vegan, even though it sounds like it isn't.

The burgers were tasty and I really loved the fries. The vegan cheese they used was really good. it was really melty like real cheese. If you're a vegan and looking for some junk food, I think it's worth the effort to get here, although I wasn't completely blown away by the burgers, which is probably just because we had eaten at Gub Gubs here in Okinawa a few days before, which makes probably the best burgers i've ever had (and that's including meat burgers too!).

Vegan Cheese burger and cheese fries at Ain Soph Ripple
Cheese burger and cheese fries

Vegan crispy chicken burger at Ain Soph Ripple
Crispy Chicken burger
Ain Soph ripple was easy to find. The closest station is Shinjuku San-chome on the Tokyo Metro Maronouchi and Fukutoshin lines however, it as also a short walk from Shin Okubo on the Yamanote line, if like me you were with small children and didn't want to change trains.


Ain Soph Ripple, vegan burgers in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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  1. I'm not vegan but I do really enjoy vegan food! the chips look really tasty

  2. I'm coeliac so I'm used to looking out for restaurants that cater for special diets. This looks great, and I wouldn't have guessed the food was vegan if I didn't know. I'd definitely be interested in eating more vegan food if it could also be gluten free...