Life Lately - August


Life lately has been BUSY! Very busy! My role at work has changed a fair bit, which means more work for me and we've had lots of visitors! I feel like this year has flown by since our first visitors arrived in March, and I don't think it's going to slow down until the end of the year (if it actually does).

A couple of weeks ago my family came over for a visit. My mum had been to Okinawa before when I first moved to help look after G while we got settled in, but the weather was horrible, cold and windy. I was so paranoid about the weather leading up to their visit, but it ended up being perfect. I flew up to Tokyo to meet them when they arrived. We had a whirlwind stay in Ueno, where I took them out to an Izakaya for dinner, and we spent the next morning at Sensoji Temple, then exploring Ueno before catching a flight down to Okinawa.

I was lucky enough to get summer leave while they were here so we went snorkelling every day, which everyone knows is one of my favourite things to do here in Okinawa.

This weekend I am leaving for a week long work trip visiting different universities in Japan, travelling from Fukuoka to Osaka, Kobe and Tokyo. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Japan, but am going to miss my little family like crazy!

Sea Turtle hatching in Okinawa
Sea turtle nests on my beach! Look at that cutie!

Learning the pianica
Ryu-pin at Onna no Eki in Okinawa sells the best kakigori of all!
Summer calls for Kakigori.

if you arrive to visit Sensoji temple in Asakusa early in the morning (before 10am) you can look at the beaufful shutters on the shops on Nakamise street before they open!
Shuttered shops early on Nakamise street, Asakusa Tokyo


The parents in Tokyo

I love koi!

Fruit stall in Ameyoko Ueno is great on a hot summers day!
I love the fruit stall in Ameyoko, Ueno

In my happy place

Coral snorkelling at Maeda Cape in Okinawa.
I need a better underwater camera

At Ocean Expo Park, Motobu

Eisa for Obon in my neighbourhood.

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  1. Still jealous of your sea turtles!

    My mom will be coming in early October and I want to take her snorkeling. What is your favorite spot( but isn't Meada)?