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While I was in Osaka on my work trip last week, I used an afternoon to wander around the Dotonbori area. It is probably my favourite area in Osaka because it is so lively and a great spot to take photos. I decided I would also use the opportunity to finally try Ichiran Ramen, one of the most popular and famous ramen places in Japan (and the world).

I used google maps to locate the closest branch, knowing I would be in for a wait. When I got to the location in Dotonbori, I could already see a large line out the front. I was, however, lucky enough to spot an Ichiran employee guiding a group of people to what looked like another Ichiran location that was newly opened. I decided to follow along instead of lining up, and it was a wise move. 

The second Ichiran location was just off Dotonbori and only a couple of minutes walk from the first one. When I got there there was only a small line, and I was seated in about 5 minutes. 

Ichiran ramen in Dotonbori, Osaka is delicious and a must-eat for the best ramen.
Check the line-up out the front of Ichiran Ramen
Some of the set options available at Ichiran ramen
Different sets you can choose
When I arrived, and employee handed me a sheet which I would use to customise my ramen. I could choose the firmess of the noodles, the level of garlic and spice as well as whether or not to include chashu (pork). Of course I chose a high level of garlic and spice!

To order, I inserted my money into the vending machine and chose the ramen and any extras I wanted to order (you could choose gyoza, egg, drinks etc). When I was finally seated in my individual booth, I gave my tickets to the staff member and my ramen was made and delivered back to me through a screen to my booth. Basically you have privacy as you slurp your noodles and no doubt make a mess! It really did feel like the best way to eat ramen. Oh, and did I mention it was delicious!

You need to order your ramen from a vending machine at Ichiran
Order what you want from the vending machine

You can choose your ramen preferences

individual booths

Delicious bowl of Tonkotsu ramen from Ichiran
The deliciousness

The less busy joint

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The best ramen in Japan - Ichiran ramen is a chain of delicious tonkotsu ramen restaurants. It is a must-try when in Japan. You can customise your ramen to your liking.

The Ichiran branch I visited is the second one in the link here and super easy to find!

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  1. yum, I love me some ramen! looks good!

  2. I've never been to that place, but when I get back to Osaka at the end of Sep I will go there to have some slurp-free ramen (I still haven't got used to glamorous ladies or business men slurp) :D