Gimhae Part 2


On our second day in Gimhae, we woke up early and got a taxi over to my brother's for breakfast before heading out to a park to fly little G's new drone. We spent most of the morning walking, and briefly checked out the tomb of one of the old kings, then on to my brother's school to pick some fresh herbs and vegetables from his garden for our dinner later. After that we went to a local market which was awesome! I'm so jealous of the range of fresh produce that is available in Korea vs. Okinawa. 

Drone flying
Gimhae tourist site - The tomb of King Suro

The tomb of King Suro, Gimhae, South Korea
The tomb of King Suro. He's buried under that mound.

Fresh produce market in Gimhae South Korea

an undercover street market in Gimhae, South Korea
Market in Gimhae

It was a crazy hot day, so after lunch we headed over to the new Shinsegae department store, where there was water fountains out the front. There were so many kids playing there, so we let G join in. He had an awesome time, even though he had a few knocks over with other kids. There was just way too much excitement to look where he was going!

Even though Gimhae isn't really on the Korean tourist map, I really grew to like it a lot. It has personality! Perhaps it was because we were being shown around by locals, but I will definitely be back.

Water spouts at the Shinsegae department store in Gimhae.

Vegetarian roast for H, made by my brother.

Lamb roast for me!

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