Life lately - June


Once again another month seems to have flown by and here I am writing the monthly update. I'm so happy that the weather has warmed up and we've managed to get to the beach at least once every weekend. This is what makes me happy and reminds me of what Okinawa has to offer.

Last week we managed to make it to the beach after work twice, which was awesome. We have all our beach stuff ready to go in the car and head straight to the beach after work, stopping off at a convenience store on the way to get some food for dinner. Dinner on the beach and a swim in the ocean really improves a work week.

Nabee Beach in Onna, is a great free beach to have a swim at both low or high tide in Okinawa.
After work swims at Nabee Beach
I've also recently been trying to make some progress with G and his swimming. He's been doing lessons here for about 6 months now, but I feel like he barely made any progress at all with them. Because of this, I decided to take things into my own hands, and the fact that it's now swimming weather here really helps because we can practice all the time.

Lots of swimming practice lately trying to teach this guy how to swim

Derpy pets
Little G is in love with his instruments at the moment
Another awesome thing about June is that we've finally found ourselves a great babysitter, who we've now used twice and both times has gone really well. It meant that we got our first real date night in ages a couple of weeks ago, and then we got to have a night out last weekend with our visitors as well. I really think this is going to be awesome if the arrangement continues. We have a very well behaved child who we are lucky enough to get to take out to restaurants often, but there is just something so luxurious to be able to go out to dinner, and not worry about how much food is being spilled all over the place by a child!

Maruki Pizza in Yomitan is probably one of the best Italian places on the Island. Wood fired oven and fresh made pasta! Yum!
Maruki Pizza is my new favourite restaurant
Early in the month I went to Tokyo for work, just for 24 hours, but it was so nice to be able to use the chance to catch up with by Japanese besties who I met when I was working for NOVA almost 10 years ago. I also had an amazing traditional lunch at a fancy hotel restaurant which was incredibly delicious (see photo below).

Traditional Teishoku lunch at the Prince hotel in Shinagawa, Shimizu restaurant. Lunch menus are a cheaper way to try high class restaurants at a lower price in Tokyo
Amazing lunch in Tokyo a few weeks ago

Peonies are so beautiful
I'm obsessed with peonies at the moment

Tide pools at Maeda beach during low tide are a great way to sample the sea life if you are too anxious to try snorkelling
Tide pools at Maeda Beach
Lastly, we've had visitors from Melbourne this past weekend, and although the weather hasn't been great, we managed to make the most of the brief sunlight yesterday (Sunday) morning and do some snorkelling at Maeda Beach before 100 yen sushi lunch! Basically the best of Okinawa.

Next week we're off to Korea for 5 days for my birthday and to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We'll be spending a couple of days in Seoul before heading down to Busan and Gimhae (where my borther lives) to hang out! I can't wait! If you've got any tips for child friendly Korea, please let me know in the comments!

Beautiful Maeda Beach in Okinawa mainland is a great place for both swimming and snorkelling straight off the beach
Maeda Beach

Someone has learnt to write his name! I love that he uses a squiggly G

Visitors from home and delicious food at Monogatari
Nabee Beach in Onna, Okinawa is a free beach with great facilities and clear water. Perfect for families
Nabee Beach swims - how beautiful is the place??

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  1. Is G continuing with his swim lessons? we have free access to the swimming pool on base and I have been trying to take Eden while Clio is at school, BUT she is unable to put her head under/get water in her ears which makes it a little hard to really teach a whole lot! That pizza place looks good!

    1. I think we're going to give up on the classes and just do it ourselves at this point. When will Eden be able to get her head wet again?