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Good Day Coffee in Sunabe is an Australian Style Cafe with a delicious menu and open from 6am-3pm everyday except Monday

Recently I found out that there was an "Australian style" cafe down in the Sunabe area, and to top it off, it actually opens before 9am (which if you have kids, you know is important!). So we have now been to Good Day Coffee a couple of times and it's really lovely.

We got to talking to the two guys that run the place, and they actually met in my hometown on the Gold Coast (Coolangatta) in Australia, when they were on a working holiday. It was so cool, and reminds you what a small world it is!

Good Day Coffee in Sunabe has a cute interior with delicious coffee and food

Such a cute interior
The menu is small, but everything on it is delicious. The French toast, in particular is amazing! I'm not a sweet breakfast person and I could eat plate after plate of this! They also do one of my favourite things, and such a typical Australian cafe menu item, avocado on toast with feta cheese!

Their coffee is brewed in Byron Bay, which also has family ties to me, and they make a great latte!
They also sell Tasmanian honey, tote bags and some other little bits and pieces that are pretty cute.

This place is definitely my new favourite cafe in Okinawa, and I think we will find ourselves there often of a weekend.
The Menu at Good Day Coffee in Sunabe is limited but everything on it is delicious
The breakfast menu is limited but delicious!

It's hard to find a good coffee in Okinawa, but the latte at Good Day Coffee is delicious

Avocado on toast is a typical Aussie cafe menu item, available at Good Day Coffee in Okinawa
Avocado on toast with Feta

Good day breaky

Good Day Coffee
Open 6am-3pm
Closed Monday

You can find directions to the cafe on their Facebook Page

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  1. I'm a huge fan of interesting cafes. I missed out on a lot in Okinawa because I was too culturally fatigued but one of the best parts of Japan is how beautifully and tasty the food is presented.

  2. I am NOT a coffee person, at all. I have tried, I love the idea of it, but I just can't. I am however an avocado person AND a feta person, I am sold, and I am planning on hitting this place up this weekend, thanks!

    1. Haha! Yeah! They also do a good hot chocolate :)