The Journey back to Melbourne


We're home! It's been an insanely hectic almost 2 weeks since we've been back, and because of that it feels like we've been home for much longer (sometimes, it weirdly feels like we never left Melbourne!).

The last few days in Okinawa after finishing work was pretty crazy, but we actually managed to get out of our house ok, as well as have a farewell party, and then spend the last night with our bestie in Okinawa. It was such a lovely end. After our final house inspection from the housing agency, we drove over to our friend's house, and had a final temaki sushi party. Perfect end to our time in Okinawa.

Our first days back in Melbourne involved a trip to Ikea, many other shopping trips and the boring stuff like setting up ultilities in our new unit so we could move in. 5 days after getting back I also started work! Basically it's been non-stop these past 2 weeks with (unfortunately) no time to actually catch up with all the friends we've missed while we were away. I'm hoping for things to calm down in the next week or 2 so we can start to relax and enjoy catching up with people.

The other awesome thing that happened this past weekend was getting the pets out of quarantine. They both survived the ordeal pretty much perfectly (although a little lighter), which took one layer of the stress away. We're all now comfortably getting used to life in our new (small - compared to our Okinawa house) apartment and enjoying being back in Melbourne. 

If you can think of a new appropriate blog name, please let me know! 

beach house in okinawa
Perfectly empty. Goodbye beach house

Temaki sushi spread

cremia ice cream
Last day in Japan, finally found cremia!

Pho was the first stop in Melbourne

I've missed this coffee

Back working at the University of Melbourne
This kid could not be more happy with his new bed

Our new hood

After 10 days in quarantine - so happy to have these guys back

The park next to our house

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