1 week to go


Things with this move back to Melbourne are getting REAL, people! We are now less than a week away from flying out of Okinawa, and only 2 days left of work! To top it off, this week at work is one of the busiest of the year and involved a 1am finish on Monday. 

Otherwise, things seem to be progressing as smoothly as can be. The house is slowly emptying, although most of the big stuff isn't going to it's new homes until this weekend, and the last of the pet visits is on Friday before they fly out on Monday. Yikes!

Last week I managed to squeeze in a new haircut and dye, and I spur of the moment made the decision to get a fringe again. I'm still not sure i'm completely happy with the decision, but oh well! Melbourne weather is much more suited to fringes, so only one more week to try and wrangle it in this humidity.

Last saturday night I also managed to get in one last dinner with my favourite Okinawa ladies, Ashley and Katie at Yomitan Monogatari. That place, as always was delicious, and ended with an awamori tasting flight, fitting for Okinawa.

These ladies <3

Sea Grape and perilla somen noodles at Monogatari
Awamori tasting flight at Monogatari
Meanwhile, let me rant for a moment. The process to cancel your phone contract here is so ridiculous. When I first signed up for my phone, I paired it with our internet contract as well for a discount. Twice now I have gone in to the au shop to ask about cancellation. The first time they were too busy and told me to come back later, however for the internet cancellation I could only do it over the phone. However, for the phone contract, you must go to a store to cancel it.... sigh.

So I went back to the au store this past weekend. Someone finally had the time to help me, only for me to find out that if I go in to the store to cancel my contract, it takes effect IMMEDIATELY! There's no way to cancel in advance, and no other way to cancel than in store.... This wouldn't be such a hassle, except for the fact that I need my phone until the very last day in case of any issues with our pets flights etc. My only option is to try and cancel my contract while we are on a stop in Narita. Fingers crossed it's not too busy to get served.

Anyway, this blog has turned into a moving rant. I promise in the next 2 weeks it will be back to more informative posts. On that note, if you have any suggestions for a new blog title, please let me know. It seems weird to have a blog called Sea Change Okinawa when I'm not actually living in Okinawa.

American Village in Chatan
American Village Chatan

The cat is starting to notice all her sleeping spots are slowly dissapearing

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  1. Wow so close! Argh yeah the phone thing sucks, I just had a friend who moved back to the states and when they cancelled their phones it cost them $1000 😮

    1. What? That's crazy! Hoping i'm not up for that! I've had my phone for more than 2 years and it was a 2 year contract, so fingers crossed!

  2. You are moving back to AUS?! Gosh! I've completely missed that as I have been crazy busy since I moved back to the UK in January and haven't really had much time to read or write blog posts. But good luck with the move - I hope you get everything sorted and that it won't be too stressful (even cancelling your mobile phone contract, which I also found to be a nightmare when leaving Japan). x

    1. I know! I cancelled my phone at Narita airport just before leaving! Hope all is well back in the UK for you :)