2 weeks to go


2 weeks to go! To say we're freaking out a little bit is an understatement. So much left to sell and organise and we're quickly running out of time!

That being said, this past weekend had glorious weather and was perhaps our last chance to get to the beach, so Saturday morning first thing we headed to Maeda beach for a family snorkel and some relaxation. It really was perfect and i'm so glad we got another chance to visit our favourite beach before going back to Melbourne to a cold cold winter!

Sunday was another lovely day, and seeing as H had a work meeting at Moon Beach hotel, G and I took the opportunity to hang out at Moon Beach Pool for a while. I really love that pool, and it's one of the cheaper hotels to visit and use their recreation compared to the other hotels in Onna, some which charge up to 5000yen!

Anyway, currently my life is consumed with trying to sell all of the stuff in our house before having to declare it all FREE the weekend before we leave. In good news though, I've managed to already land myself a job at the University of Melbourne starting the week after I get back and we've already leased a unit to move in to! Definitely kicking some goals here....

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

The Entrance to Maeda Beach is directly across from Pizzeria Da Enzo
Maeda Beach, Okinawa is so beautiful and offers great snorkelling straight off the beach. If you're lucky you can even spot Nemo!

Maeda Beach, Okinawa


Shaved ice from Onna no eki
Nothing beats this on a hot summer day in Okinawa

Moon Beach lagoon pool okinawa
Moon Beach pool

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  1. What a great idea to utilize the hotel pools! How much does Moon Beach cost?

    1. It seems to completely vary depending on who's manning the security gate. Last time I only paid 500 yen for all of us. Other times they seem to charge 1000 yen for parking....