Esparza's Tacos and Coffee


Last weekend while we were in Chatan getting my iPhone screen replaced (I finally dropped it one too many times) we decided to finally try out a new place for lunch. We have driven past Esparza's Tacos and Coffee quite a few times and each time I commented on how good it looked. After reading about how they had vegan and vegetarian options (hard to some by in Okinawa), we decided to take the plunge and try it.

We got there at 12 and it was already pretty busy and we managed to nab the last free table. I was super excited to see the menu option, over half being vegan and it all sounded delicious! We decided to share the Vegan Chorizo tacos and the two bean tacos. The vegan chorizo is basically made with tofu and chorizo spices, and was super tasty. They also had a kind of vegan parmesan on top, and I have no idea what that was made from, but it was another nice touch. The two bean burritos were also tasty, but my favourite were definitely the "chorizo" ones.

The tacos were huge, and they also have a "salsa" bar, with different sauces, salsas and an onion and coriander mix. Definitely a nice touch!

Esparza's also serves a range of drinks, including Coronas, sangria and tequila drinks. The other good thing (and a rarity in Okinawa) is that it opens from 7am for breakfast (servicing breakfast burritos and pancakes).

Esparza's is located on route 58 in Chatan, and you can find the map here. It's great to have another vegan and vegetarian friendly option in Okinawa!

Esparza's Tacos and Coffee in Chatan offers a large vegan menu and is very tasty!

Vegan chorizo tacos at Esparza's Tacos and Coffee in Chatan Okinawa
Vegan "chorizo" tacos
Vegan two bean burrito at Esparza's Tacos and Coffee in Okinawa
vegan two bean tacos
Esparza's Tacos and Coffee in Chatan, Okinawa has a menu that is 50% vegan, with aims of going fully vegan in the next 5 years. It opens from 7am!

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