Life lately - March


I feel like i've really dropped the ball on blogging these last few months. I've not been feeling inspired and we've had a heap of other stressors going on that we have been dealing with. To top it off, it feels like it's taking FOREVER to warm up this year, and I am so ready to get back in the water and make the most of the warm weather!!! Some days it feels like the weather is starting to warm, then we get another cold snap and the wind, which makes it feel even more miserable!

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom around here! in late January I had a big work win. I got some amazing trainers over rom Australia to do some team building training, which I think really improved the morale in my office. It felt like a huge success.

Also, even though we didn't manage to make it to any of the major cherry blossom sites in Okinawa last month, I did find a nice bunch of them in Ishikawa, just a short drive from our house on a beautiful blue-skied day, which also made me happy. Speaking of cherry blossoms, Starbucks had their limited edition Sakura latte, which was so good with soy milk! McDonalds also had a sakura flavoured McFlurry, which was also delicious. It was the first McFlurry I have had in about 20 years! Haha.

I'm trying to decide what to do the next few months. Island fever has hit again and I need some sort of a holiday. We're thinking of either braving another camping adventure (but maybe to one of the Kerama Islands this time), or a night down in Naha, or up on Sesoko Island. The hard thing about the island options is that we want to make sure the weather is beautiful and we can go swimming, which makes organising anything in advance kind of difficult. Any suggestions welcome!

What are everyone else's summer plans? Or winter, if you are one of my southern hemisphere readers?

Okinawa cherry blossoms in Ishikawa
Beautiful Okinawa cherry blossoms

Sakura McFlurry from McDonalds Japan
Trying the sakura flavoured seasonal items!
Sakura latte from Starbucks Japan
Sakura latte from Starbucks

Kite flying on Nakadomari beach
Kite flying on the beach

Nakadomari beach
Windy and cold Okinawa, still in March!

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