3 Days in London - Part 1


Anyone else feel like 2017 is already flying by? I feel like January was just a blip on the calendar and now it's already mid-February!

Anyway, during the blip of January I went to London for work for a few days. I hadn't been to London in over 10 years (maybe 12 years), and I had totally forgotten how cool it was! I was only there for 3 nights, and most of the time was work, but I managed to get out and see a few things around my work schedule. 

Basically my only aim was to eat things I struggle to get here in Okinawa! The night we arrived, my colleague and I headed straight to a pub for dinner (it was her first time to London) and had a typical pub meal - fish and chips and shepherds pie. The next morning I woke up bright and early to head to an Australian cafe, Lantana, for a flat white and some avocado on toast. 

My first work commitment wasn't until midday and seeing as I was right near it, I went to check out the British Museum before my meeting, which was pretty cool. Also, it was 0 degrees out, and any indoor activity was welcome :)

After work, I headed to Oxford St for some shopping and stopped by at a Angel In The Fields on Marylebone High St, a Samuel Adams pub, which was full of delicious organic beers and ciders. It was so lovely inside with gorgeous stained glass windows! Dinner on the way back to my hotel, I stopped for Pho. It was so exciting to be somewhere with the option to eat any type of cuisine I could possibly want!

As for the photos, well I couldn't stop taking photos of all the gorgeous buildings in the city, such a stark contrast to the typhoon-proof concrete buildings here in Okinawa. For some reason I think I had forgotten how "European" London is, and I was so happy to be back!

Even though it was the middle of winter and very cold (0-8 degrees celcius every day), with thermals on and a good jacket, I thought London was lovely We even had a gorgeous sunny day on the first day there, which people kept telling me was basically the one sunny day in winter! I wouldn't hesitate to travel to London in the winter again.

Sunny but 0 degree morning near Goodge St

A gorgeous morning sky in Goodge St, London
Morning sky

Fitzrovia, London

Loved the window planters everywhere!

The exterior of the British Museum, London
British Museum


Mmm organic beer

The interior of Angel in the Fields Pub on Marylebone High St is beautiful, with stained glass windows
This pub was so pretty

Pho restaraurant Oxford Circus had delicious Pho and fast service!
Pho - one of my favourite foods

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It's easy to spend 3 days in London, even in winter!

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