Shuri Castle, Naha Okinawa


I just discovered some hidden drafts of blog posts I meant to finish writing or publish when I was still living in Okinawa. 

This one was my second visit to Shuri Castle in Naha, and much better weather than the first time I visited!. I can't believe how small little G looks in these pictures, and I can't believe we've almost been back in Australia for a year!

Enjoy the photos, while I have pangs of missing the simpler and warmer life in Okinawa, while i'm freezing here in Melbourne.

Shuri Castle in Okinawa is a must visit, especially on a sunny day!

The gorgeous red stripes on Shuri Castel. It looks so different to Castles on mainland Japan
Love the red stripes outside the red castle!

Some snacks at the Teahouse

He's so little here!
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Shuri Castle is a must-visit in Okinawa. It is a very different looking castle than what you will see on mainland Japan and the grounds are gorgeous with views over Naha.

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