Nakagusuku Castle Ruins


Last week when I took a leave day, originally my only plan was to visit Futenma Shrine, however, when I was on the way there, I saw the sign pointing to Nakagusuku Castle Ruins not far away, so I decided I might as well check it out while I was in the area.

I've been to a couple of castle ruins in Okinawa so far, Nakijin Castle Ruins to see the cherry blossoms last year, and Zakimi Castle ruins in Yomitan when I first moved here. I have to say, I think that Nakagusuku is my favourite (but hey, my memory might be getting rusty cause I visited the others so long ago).

Nakagusuku, to me, just represents everything Okinawa. The old, run down ruins, the view of the gorgeous blue ocean, and green, overgrown plants. It basically sums up Okinawa. Anyone disagree with me?

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the age of the castle is not known, however it is believed construction began in the 1400s. That's over 600 years old guys! Crazy!

Anyway, It was well signed and easy to find the ruins. There is a decent amount of parking out front, and when you walk in the entrance you need to pay 400yen per adult. There is a steep, flower lined hill before you make it to the ruins. Te ruins are actually quite extensive, and it was nice to wader around and feel like I was lost in time. Unfortunately it was quite gloomy when I was there, so there wasn't really the shining blue ocean view, but it was still really great. I think this place is definitely worth a visit if you're in Okinawa.

Nakagusuku Castle Ruins, Okinawa


You can walk around the wall and enjoy the view of the ocean

The view from the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins in Okinawa
Shame it wasn't a sunny day!

Apparently that's an abandoned, haunted hotel over there!

There's a well down there!


The well

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