Weekend recap


This past weekend was busy, but so lovely. The weather was perfection! Even though i've had a horrid cough for the past week, I had to get into the water!

Sunday morning we headed straight to Maeda Beach because the water was incredibly still and the tide was high.  The water was so clear and because we arrived early there was hardly anyone there. We got into our snorkelling gear and got straight into the water. We spent a good 45 minutes snorkelling around. G is getting really great at putting his head under to look at this fish! It's definitely getting much easier snorkelling with a little one in tow.

Perfect way to start the day

Maeda Beach on Okinawa Mainland is a great beach for snorkelling right off the beach in low or high tide. The water is clear and there's a great variety of fish!
Maeda Beach was perfection this weekend

That afternoon after some rest time, we started getting ready for a little birthday party we were throwing at our house for G's little friend Kaisei. Although it was only the two kids and a few adults, we blew up plenty of balloons, had cake and of course we had to introduce everyone to the Australian kids party staple, fairy bread! It was a hit!

After the sun went down we finished the night with some fireworks on the beach across the road..... perfect really.

Fairy bread, an easy and delicious kids party snack!
Fairy Bread - Australian party staple

Getting into the party spirit


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  1. tomatoes on toast is one of my favorites, my dad used to make it for me! as I have already mentioned, fairy bread rocks! I can't wait to make this for the girls...maybe for Clio's 4th birthday in Feb!